My Favorite Ways to Study Scripture

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2020

Last week, we talked about ways to deal with overwhelm when life gets crazy. I gave 5 things that I do to help change my perspective and get back on track when I feel like the wheels are about to fall off the wagon. Over the next few weeks we are going to break those 5 things down and dig a little deeper with each of them, and give you some practical tips on how to create calm in the chaos. 

This week we are going to look at my two favorite ways to study the Bible. Anytime I get overwhelmed God's word is right there, waiting to dish out just the truth I need. I'm a firm believer that the "I am enough" movement is well meaning, but it's a lie. I'm not enough. I cannot be all things to all people. But I serve a God who is and who can. He is holy, sovereign, all-powerful, and mighty. I just need to lean into that. But I can't truly lean into unless I know Him. Really know Him. That's why His word is so vital in our relationship. It's how He shows me His character, reminds me of the promises He's made, and gives me wisdom when I ask for it. It's all right there in the middle of two covers, wrapped in 66 books that weave a story of salvation, righteousness, forgiveness, and so much grace and mercy. 

My absolute favorite way to study scripture is through inductive studies. My go-to is from Precept Ministries. These studies allow scripture to be interpreted with scripture, and not based off of man's opinion. I was introduced to Precept Ministries several years ago, and I cannot tell you how much I have learned about the attributes and character of God through the study of each of the books of the Bible. These studies are tedious and time-consuming, but they are so worth it. I can't go to these in all seasons of life, but I love taking the time to dig in deeply to God's word. They do take time (Romans took me a year!), so when you have the time to devote to it, it is life changing. 

My other favorite way to study scripture is through journaling. I'm not one for journaling in my Bible. I like to be able to to still read the words, and so I've never gotten into that much. I do own a journaling Bible though. Maybe I'll start doing that more often. But on Sundays I take a journal and a Tombow Fudenosuke brush marker with me to church and I letter my sermon notes. Our church preaches through books of the Bible verse by verse, so we work through small sections at a time. So I look at the group of verses and pick out the main idea for those verses and go from there. Before I started taking notes this way, I was absolutely against it. I am completely middle brained, and my organizational side needed nice, neat notes laying out all the things our teaching elder said. However, once I gave it a shot, I found that I actually listen more, and engage more with what he is teaching on than before. I have included some examples below of some of my notes. 

What are some ways that you study scripture? Do you like to journal? Do you take notes or just listen or read? 

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