Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts!

Hey there my artist friends! We have made it through the holidays and are well on our way to 2021 beginning. If you are like me, I always thought about Valentine's Day a day or 2 before I needed to buy valentines for my kids' classes. It was one of those things I always put off until the end, I would rush to the store, grab a couple of boxes of whatever I could find, and let my kids scribble their name on them before sending them off to school. Today, I wanted to share with you something that will make Valentines easier and more fun! Each Friday, I am creating live over on my Facebook page and this past Friday, we made Valentine's Day cards using cardstock, oil pastels, and watercolors. Plus, we had some fun things that are available in our shop, so come on over and watch it! 


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